We must stop our dependence on foreign oil!

WE ABSOLUTELY MUST start weaning ourselves off of crude oil and turning to alternate fuels, such as ethanol or other products/ideas from our incredible entrepreneurs right here in the USA! Check out our alternative fuels section.

There are over 3000 oil platforms just in the Gulf of Mexico. See video 3. We need to stop thinking as ME and start thinking as WE AS A NATION. If the Gulf disaster isn't a wake up call, just imagine the other 3000 platforms in the gulf. The possibility of more well blowouts is very high. The Gulf region is simply a ticking time bomb. Realistically it's time to phase out drilling over time and phase in other alternative fuels. There just isn't any more easy and safe places in and around the USA to drill.

Call it tough love, but we must do our part as Americans by stop wasting gasoline and energy, and start helping just like our grandparents did in the 1930's and 1940's in plane factories, and other facilities to promote alternate fuels, and stop the partisan politics today! No more Drill Baby Drill. It's Innovation Baby Innovation!

Just imagine... let me repeat this - just imagine if Americans took this issue seriously back in 1973, we would never see the horrendous problems that we face today as a nation with our energy policy and the greed, and accidents that are inevitable with our oil research practices. Just imagine if some of the countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Nigeria stop selling oil to the USA, this nation would be in total disarray within a few short months, not to mention the overall security of the USA! Let us know how you feel - Click Here.


Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol), according to the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is a "clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic, agreeable odor"

A blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, can be used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), which are specially designed to run on gasoline, E85, or any mixture of the two. FFVs are offered by several vehicle manufacturers. More

Ethanol really works - just ask Indy or the IRL - both have been using pure ethanol for several years!! - See video!

Great Ethanol Resources:

Poet Biorefining - Click Here   Growth Energy - Click Here

Hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize transportation and, possibly, our entire energy system. The simplest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels and biomass and even by electrolyzing water. Producing hydrogen with renewable energy and using it in fuel cell vehicles holds the promise of virtually pollution-free transportation and independence from imported petroleum. More

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel produced from a wide range of vegetable oils and animal fats. Pure biodiesel or biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel can be used to fuel diesel vehicles, providing energy security and emissions and safety benefits. More

Natural gas is a domestically produced alternative fuel and is readily available to end users through the utility infrastructure. It can produce significantly fewer harmful emissions than gasoline or diesel when used in natural gas vehicles. More

Clean Coal is possible! Product removes 90% of carbon from coal! More

Wind Energy is very real! More

Thoughts and Facts:

  • There just isn't any more safe places in and around the US to drill
  • It's time to phase out drilling over time and phase in other alternative fuels
  • This nation could use ethanol or a 85% blend in most vehicles with little cost to the consumer
  • There are millions and millions of unused acres of land across the USA that could be used to grow corn and sugar cane
  • It's true that costs are higher than gas in limited production, but when it is mass produced on the millions of available  acreage, it will be available at a reasonable price
  • The expansion of green fuels could and would employ millions of Americans
  • Why is gas so cheap - The End of Oil's Protection Racket - More
  • America needs to stop stalling - it's time for action - it's time for bio fuels
  • America must stop our dependence on foreign oil
  • What you think you know about Gas prices - More

Did you know? One 42-gallon barrel of crude oil creates only 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest is used to make other things like:

Ammonia  Dice  Ice Cube Trays  Shag Rugs 
Anesthetics  Diesel fuel  Ink  Shampoo 
Antifreeze  Dishes  Insect Repellent  Shaving Cream 
Antihistamines  Dishwasher parts  Insecticides  Shoe Polish 
Antiseptics  Dresses  Life Jackets  Shoes 
Artificial limbs  Drinking Cups  Linings  Shower Curtains 
Artificial Turf  Dyes  Linoleum  Skis 
Aspirin  Electric Blankets  Lipstick  Slacks 
Awnings  Electrician's Tape  Luggage  Soap 
Balloons  Enamel  Model Cars  Soft Contact lenses 
Ballpoint Pens  Epoxy  Mops  Solvents 
Bandages  Eyeglasses  Motor Oil  Speakers 
Basketballs  Fan Belts  Motorcycle Helmet  Sports Car Bodies 
Bearing Grease  Faucet Washers  Movie film  Sun Glasses 
Bicycle Tires  Fertilizers  Nail Polish  Surf Boards 
Boats  Fishing Boots  Nylon Rope  Sweaters 
Cameras  Fishing lures  Oil Filters  Synthetic Rubber 
Candles  Fishing Rods  Paint  Telephones 
Car Battery Cases  Floor Wax  Paint Brushes  Tennis Rackets 
Car Enamel  Folding Doors  Paint Rollers  Tents 
Cassettes  Food Preservatives  Panty Hose  Tires 
Caulking  Football Cleats  Parachutes  Toilet Seats 
CD Player  Football Helmets  Percolators  Tool Boxes 
CD's & DVD's  Footballs  Perfumes  Tool Racks 
Clothes  Footballs  Petroleum Jelly  Toothbrushes 
Clothesline  Gasoline  Pillows  Toothpaste 
Cold cream  Glycerin  Plastic Wood  Transparent Tape 
Combs  Golf Bags  Purses  Trash Bags 
Cortisone  Golf Balls  Putty  TV Cabinets 
Crayons  Guitar Strings  Refrigerant  Umbrellas 
Curtains  Hair Coloring  Refrigerators  Upholstery 
Dashboards  Hair Curlers  Roller Skates  Vaporizers 
Denture Adhesive  Hand Lotion  Roofing  Vitamin Capsules 
Dentures  Heart Valves  Rubber Cement  Water Pipes 
Deodorant  House Paint  Rubbing Alcohol  Wheels 
Detergents  Ice Chests  Safety Glasses  Yarn 

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