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This rate increase for wholesale electricity rates is more than bizarre. It's ridiculous and smells of greed for an elite few. Governor Rick Perry has been touting that the state of Texas is healthy and doing just fine with the best job growth in the nation. Everyone should remember those statements when he was making his embarrassing run for the Whitehouse. The truth is there has been some substantial growth in blue-collar jobs, but the Governor has elected to cut education funds drastically and yet totally ignore the need for electrical power. When political pressure was applied to allow fracking for gas in the Barnett shale, everyone held their breath. They found so much natural gas that prices have dropped over 50% and electric rates dropped substantially. But now, while natural gas prices are still very low, they want to raise or almost double the wholesale price just to help their cronies make money building electrical power plants on the back of Texas residents. This simply stinks!!!!! Oh I forgot to mention... they have capped many of the wells trying to drive the price of natural gas up this year.
- anonymous

Personally I like my big old truck and as long as I can afford the gasoline, I am going to drive it as much as I want! What are you guys? A bunch of tree huggers.
- anonymous

I just got to tell you that your web site has opened my eyes! I like the way you don't shove anything down one's throat. It just simply states the facts so one can be better informed. This site should be on everyone's favorites.
- RJ

Hey PJ, this web site is just laying out the facts and figures. It isn't forcing anyone in any one direction. I have read through this site many times and I feel very much better informed and honestly I will make up my own mind!
- RR

I really think that your web site is very one-sided. We need big oil reserves!
- PJ

Your web site is very interesting and so informative. Please keep up the good work.
- WM

If the moratorium is lifted, who is going to work on these 33 wells. All the TV networks make it sound like all of these Louisiana resident workers that would normally work on these platforms are out of work, but the truth is they are working full time in the cleanup process - thus lets take the time to make these 33 deep water wells safe! This is a tragic event for the entire gulf region, but I am getting very tired of politicians trying to bash someone every few minutes with half truths just trying to win votes in the fall. How about less bitching and more action!
- BH

It appears that lifting the moratorium ban on deep well drilling on the 33 wells by the courts is beyond common sense! In hearings last week on Capitol Hill all 4 major oil companies had almost the exact emergency plan as BP... which means they don't have a clue!! So the likelihood of another disaster such as the Deepwater Horizon Well from the other 33 wells could be real. Please wake up America!! Write your congressman and tell him/her how you feel.
- RH

Oh how I agree with RW. The comments are right on target. I would like to add that instead of the former oil workers of Louisiana waiting for a probable job of death, why doesn't the state or government help prepare them for a totally new job in the alternate energy business?
- JM

It's surprising to hear that the Louisiana Parishes are pushing to remove the 6 month moratorium on oil drilling which only effect just 33 wells because many of their residents work for the oil companies. I feel their pain, but this is a prime example of "they just don't get it". These wells are unsafe, untested and extremely dangerous!
- RW

I have to say that this type of no nonsense, straight to the wake up facts is fantastic! Keep up the great web site.
- RT

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