Gas Well Fracturing (Better Know As Fracking) Is Dangerous For All Of Us!

There is a relatively new process for gas well drilling all over the USA to meet the overwhelming appetite for more and more natural gas. Just like oil, the statements that it's totally safe, strictly regulated and poses no harm to citizens or communities is simply not true. Just like oil, it's driven by GREED sometimes!!

September 14, 2010 - Fracking Protests Rage On as EPA Meetings Continue Wednesday - More

What is Fracking or Fracturing:

A method of stimulating production by opening new flow channels in the rock surrounding a production well. often call a frac job. under extremely high hydraulic pressure, a fluid (such as distillate, diesel fuel, crude oil, dilute hydrochloric acid, saltwater, or kerosene) is pumped downward through production tubing or drill pipe and forced out below a packer or between two packers. the pressure causes cracks to open in the formation, and the fluid penetrates the formation through the cracks. sand grains, aluminum pellets, walnut shells, or similar materials (propping agents) are carried in suspension by the fluid into the cracks. when the pressure is released at the surface, the fracturing fluid returns to the well. the cracks partially close on the pellets, leaving channels for oil to flow around them to the well. Some of the injected fluids remain trapped underground. A number of these fluids, such as diesel fuel, qualify as hazardous materials and carcinogens, and are toxic enough to contaminate groundwater resources. Considerable controversy surrounds the current implementation of hydraulic fracturing technology in the United States. Significant environmental safety and health concerns have emerged and are being debated at the state and national levels.

There has been almost an epidemic of gas well drilling using fracking in two states - Pennsylvania and Texas. After just a few years and thousands and thousands of wells, people are just now realizing the extreme consequences of this destructive process. One of our most important and precious things to our life, Water, is being polluted and contaminated due to this process that was suppose to be so safe, and not burn or explode. And most damaging is the destruction of fractured layers of rock that can not be reversed. The damage may be for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Just Google gas wells Dimock, Pennsylvania!

Most people in these two states were simply mislead by the fact that their community would be safe and it would generate huge revenues for individuals and cities. SO, SO WRONG!

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Dimock, Pennsylvania

Just ask the residences in Dimock, Pennsylvania who have no city water, but have used deep water wells for bathing and drinking for the last hundred years! Their water is totally contaminated and unsafe to drink, and in some cases will actually burn. Yes I said burn - see this Dimock video. Sadly this community will most likely never be able to use their ground wells for hundreds of years. This problem is not limited to Dimock, but most of Susquehanna County.

7/21/10 - Dimock News Update

8/19/14 - Updated Aerial View Showing Destruction of the farm land


Montague County, Texas

Or ask the residences of Montague County, Texas - see video from Channel 8 of Dallas, Texas. The Barnett Shale running through the DFW Airport and Arlington, Texas is one of the largest gas operations in the nation. It poses many hidden dangers that most residences don't even know exists. Barnett Video.

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Short time wealth is not the answer! Don't let this happen in your community or city - Get Involved!

Just like deep well drilling for oil, the method of gas well fracturing needs serious oversight and government regulations before it's to late and the effects are simply nonreversible!


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