What can all of us do? It's so critical that we, as citizens of the USA, stay focused and informed on the direction of our nation's energy policies, and what we do as individuals to help do our part. That's not to say we need to work alone - we need to work as a group for a nation that will not be held hostage to any foreign country for oil! Please note that I said WE not ME!! Our country has been leaning more and more toward greed and what helps ME. It's time to change the direction to WE as a Nation!

Here are few thoughts:

  • The Deepwater Horizon Well disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the tip of the iceberg
  • Do your homework before stating what you think are facts
  • Our grandchildren are counting on us
  • Be active in organizations that promote energy independence and alternate fuels
  • Ask yourself if you are doing your part to conserve energy
  • Look beyond today and ask yourself what this country will look like in 10 years... 20 years
  • When it comes to decisions - Consumers Rule
  • Am I really driving the right vehicle for my needs
  • It's never too late to get involved
  • We had our chance in 1973 and we blew it - lets get rid of fossil fuel in the very near future
  • It finally happened... Deepwater Horizon Well Disaster - More

How can I help the Gulf of Mexico region during this tragedy:

  • MSNBC - Where to volunteer, how to donate and how to report incidents - More
  • National Wildlife Foundation - More
  • United Way of South Mississippi - More
  • United Way of Southwest Alabama - More
  • United Way of Florida - More
  • United Way New Orleans - More

Volunteer - If you are interested in volunteering call the BP Deepwater Horizon response line: 1 + (866) 448-5816



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